Everything you wanted to know about choosing neon sign colors.


Are you as color-crazed as we are? Selecting swatches can be fun, but sometimes even the most color-obsessed folks need a little inspiration. While scouring the web is a good place to start, we've hand selected 12 neon sign colors that will help you kick things off. Check ’em out! 


12 Universal Fonts for Building A Fantastic Neon Sign


Are you a word nerd? A typeface fanatic? A graphic design diehard? If you’re like us, you’ll probably go nuts for these preferred fonts that contain all the letter-y greatness to take your neon sign project to the next level. So punny or so sweet – these typographic goodies can’t be beat! 

You Won’t Believe What We Can do to Neon!

Mondo Neon has something for everyone - especially if you've already created your own design! From logos, drawings or some really cool image you discovered online, you won't have a problem because we can customize neon to suit your style. We truly aim to please! 


Hipster with Red Neon Sign

A beautiful solution.

"Wow! I get a ridiculous amount of compliments on my neon light in the window of my store on a daily basis - not to mention a healthy boost in foot traffic. Thanks Mondo!"

- Chad D