An Affordable Neon-like Decor Option

Neon signs are basically taking over the world, and it’s pretty much impossible to not show some love to every single post that’s crushing it on your Insta-feed these days. However, due to traditional neon’s manufacturing and labor costs, there have been limited options to snag your name in lights - until now! Introducing LED signage, a modern linear light fixture encased in an impact-resistant PVC plastic housing.

Think cute shapes like rainbows and stars or even someones dream DIY project hack brought to life for a fraction of the cost of traditional neon. With loads of features and lots of flexibility, LED signs deliver a bold statement. Whether your hunting for that one-of-a-kind wedding gift or just a stunning art piece for your kids bedroom, LED signs offer a custom solution to make all your treat yo’ self goals a reality.

Live Your Most Colorful Life in Mondo Neon’s Newest LED Color Collection

There are few things more satisfying in life than adding a dash of color to your already brilliant LED design. And Mondo Neon has brought together an assortment of the best choices on the planet Earth for you to choose from. Featuring eight of the most vibrant shades you’ve ever laid eyes on, the Mondo Neon LED Color Collection allows you to source from a plethora of perfectly bright hues, such as your classic red, orange, yellow, blue - plus loads more to help breathe life into your wonderful custom creation. 

mondo neon led chart.jpg

3 Backdrops for Making a Supremely-Good LED Sign

You can never have too many options when it comes to designing your LED. Square, cut-to-shape, even contour — it doesn’t matter the backing; we love ’em all. Below, find all three solutions you need to turn your fave design into a stunning statement piece. Scroll below to get the full scoop.

LED backing options.png
plastic backing options 1.jpg

These Unique Features Boast Major Benefits


Be Dazz”led”

Light-emitting diode (LED) = long life, limited energy costs, great durability and increased safety.



Impact-resistant PVC plastic housing with 4mm acrylic base board.

Easy Install Symbol

installation in-a-snap

No electrician or technical assistant required - install it yourself. Lightweight design can hang from chains, mount to a wall, or rest on a counter.

LED signs are great. We were able to update the look and visuals of our families restaurant. The result was a 37% increase in customer foot traffic and a 54% lift in sales.
— Monica Higley

Do you dream of a neon donut sign in your reading nook? What about a sassy quote from your favorite author? Once you have a design in mind and you’re happy with your idea, we can get to creating it by hand and ship it out.

So what are you waiting for?! Bring the look-and-feel of real neon into your home in a fresh new way.

Unsure of what you want? No worries, we can replicate any of the gorgeous pre-made pieces you find on your favorite Pinterest post!

What would your custom LED sign look like? Tell us all about it by tweeting us @MondoNeon!