Collecting Historic Neon Signs & Boston's Greenway | An Interview with Dave Waller

Before there was GLOW, an exhibit of vintage neon signs of Massachusetts that took place along the Greenway, a contemporary public park in the heart of Boston - Dave Waller's life was filled with instances of collecting these wonderful relics of the past. Dave and his wife, graphic designer Lynn Waller, have managed to gather and preserve some of the most historic and memorable signs from the region. But it was the growing need to share these experiences of light with others that led to an impassioned discussion between The Office of Community Engagement and The Greenway Conservancy, which provided the impetus to make GLOW. Dave takes Mondo listeners down all of these collector routes showcasing the significance of commercial neon signs and discovering the creative thrill of restoring and displaying them.

Read about Dave and GLOW in the Boston Magazine, and check out his visual effects company, Brickyard VFX.

Image credit: Holly Rike

Video credit: WCVB Channel 5 Boston