Hosting Bus Tours, Chasing Signs, and Los Angeles Neon with Eric Lynxwiler from The Museum of Neon Art

Eric Lynxwiler felt like a complete neon insider growing up in Los Angeles and immediately forged a strong connection with signs. Eric discusses how he started hosting nighttime open-air bus cruises, which include visiting classic movie marquees in the theater district and the glowing pagodas of Chinatown. Eric tells Max how he’s managed to standout, educate, and entertain over the years. And, how his passion for neon has allowed him to brave the streets to ferret out Los Angeles's displaced treasures.

Find Eric’s book Spectacular Illumination: Neon Los Angeles, 1925-1965 on Amazon, reserve a Neon Cruise with The Museum of Neon (MONA) and visit his business page on LinkedIn.

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