Finding Neon & Motivation to Teach with Clif Eddens from Random Neon

Founder and owner of Random Neon, Clif Eddens - is a human bridge between dozens of different neon artists, collectors, and creators. Clif talks to Mondo Neon about the pivotal evolution of becoming a neon artist, such as traveling cross country to take neon coursework, building a neon shop with limited resources and know-how, and all the people Clif worked with over the years, including the infamous Rudi Stern of Let There Be Neon. Plus, Clif explains why he jumped back in after a hiatus and the development of Neon Weekend, a special 2-day fabrication course designed to teach anyone the basic techniques and skills required to process their very own neon tubing!

Find Random Neon on Instagram @Random_Neon_LLC and Facebook. Plus, check out Clif's “Neon Weekend session, here.

Image credit: Random Neon