Fixing Havana's Neon Signs | An Interview with Cuban Artist Kadir Lopez

Kadir Lopez is a Cuban painter and sculptor. But he's also one of the foremost educators on neon in Cuba. Kadir, along with his partner, Adolfo Nodal, a Cuban American from Los Angeles - have helped lead the city’s efforts to restore its old neon signs. Kadir takes Mondo through the layered history of the Caribbean island nation, and reflects on the Havana Light Project. He explains how his team of artisans is responsible for over 50 sign restorations, replacing damaged neon lettering and iconic images. Plus, Kadir delivers an important message to neon enthusiasts interested in supporting the neon revival.

Find Kadir Lopez online, and check out recent articles on the Havana Light Project in the LA Times and Miami Herald.

Image credit: Great Big Story

Video credit: Blackstone Entertainment