Impact of Creating Neon Signs with Morgan Crook from Ventex Technology

Before he was the General Manager at Ventex Technology, Morgan Crook was an aspiring glass bender, writer and mechanical engineer creating "The Neon Engineers Notebook" for future neon professionals looking to break into the trade. Mondo talks with Morgan about how that was the perfect starting point for eventually becoming president of Neon Design, a wholesale, retail and consulting firm in Columbia, South Carolina. They also talk about the Ignite Sign Art Museum, Morgan's zest for transformers and certain bending techniques, and how 30 neon makers recently gathered in Brooklyn to celebrate the craft and comradery, which included seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

Find Ventex Technology on Instagram @ventextechnology, Facebook, and Youtube. Plus, check out Morgan's “Neon Engineers Handbook on the books website, here.

Image credit: Ventex Technology

Video credit: Ventex Technology