Importance of NYC Neon Signs with Jeff Friedman from Let There Be Neon

Let There Be Neon NYC

Jeff Friedman, owner of Let There Be Neon, one of New York’s most prolific neon workshops (38 White Street in Tribeca) - discusses how he's had a most fortunate trajectory in the neon sign business. Opened in 1972, the shop has built a strong reputation for innovation and produces neon for some of the most well-known contemporary light artists, such as Tracey Emin, Doug Wheeler, Keith Haring, and Iván Navarro. Jeff explains to Mondo why neon has had such a lasting impression, along with telling what it was like to arrive at LTBN all those years ago and meeting founder Rudi Stern. Plus, why they always aim to do things a little differently no matter what they're doing. 

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Image credit: James and Karla Murray & @dcography

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