Nostalgia, Neon Signs & Blockbuster Video with Graphic Artist Trey Trimble

Trey Trimble is a graphic artist and popular pixel bender - creating unique neon backdrops with strong nostalgic feels. Whether he's producing synthwave album covers, a genre of art influenced by 1980s film soundtracks and video games - or running a successful design business, Trey always knows what people crave. His work is anything but ordinary and holds a certain sentimentality for the past, typically a product or place with happy associations, such as the once rock-solid Blockbuster Video, the timeless DMC DeLorean, and other neon radness! Trey attributes a lot of his expertise in graphic design to the amazing connectivity of the internet, a pivotal shift in the way people are appreciating his images online.

Find Trey on Instagram @treytrimble, Facebook, and Twitter.

Image credit: Trey Trimble

Music by M.K. Khan.

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