Thinking Outside of Your Industry and Using Neon to Grow Your Business with Darrick Ingram

When you talk with Darrick Ingram, you quickly realize he’s a fan of neon. But Darrick says that working in neon really only happened for him once he left Gray's Creek in North Carolina and moved to downtown Los Angeles. His knowledge of apparel design and creative direction has certainly helped him take on some very ambitious projects. Darrick talks about what he was able to build for himself after realizing an opportunity while creating costumes for Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas residency show - Enigma. He also discusses his experiences with other famous neon collaborators, such as hip hop artist Tyga and musical icon Stevie Wonder.

Find Darrick on Instagram @singer.deshaun and his personal website, Darrick Ingram Design.

Music by M.K. Khan.

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