2 Neon Sign Case Studies and Why They Work

Neon signs, which are an extension of advertising, help business owners integrate a variety of slogans and memorable taglines into one cohesive brand message. But in addition to using customer driven data, Mondo Neon also looked into more qualitative questions of how end users feel about the purpose of signage.

The food industry is often first on the scene of innovative ways to capture peoples attention. Food trends seem to change with every passing season, so it makes sense that displays need refreshing every few months. For this reason, we took a deeper look into how two different restaurants approached the issues with ever-changing taste buds.

Enter neon signage.

Pizza Place Neon Sign.jpg

1. Center of Attraction

Camden Pizza is a pizzeria located in London that specializes in deliciously authentic Italian cuisine using high-quality ingredients with a focus on supporting the local Camden Market scene. Their messaging is pretty special, pizza - so when they decided to implement neon signage, we knew it was going to be something equally incredible. The restaurant had to gain the attention from pedestrians headed to nearby retailers down the road. The queues were long for these stores and customers were often getting bored - and hungry.

Why neon worked:

Adding a neon sign front-and-center above the counter made it hard for individuals to miss - even when in a hurry. When you combine the bright colors of neon to create your brand logo, you quickly become the center of everyone’s attention and people start to associate you on a daily basis. To take that one step further, Camden Pizza then used that same logo application near the entryway.

This allowed them to re-use their messaging plus create a personalized welcome message for customers on where to lineup during their peak hours of operation. The ability with neon signage to re-use and repeat content is one of the many benefits to creating a truly relevant approach to branding that’s easy to execute.

Ice Cream Solves Everything.jpg

2. Unleash Your Creativity

Super Creamery is an one-of-a-kind ice cream shop in New York City that primarily stocks hard-to-find flavors such as Cilantro Lime, Avocado Mint Chocolate Chip, and Maple Bacon! One of Super Creamery’s challenges is that they don’t own any physical stores. This makes them heavily reliant towards online marketing and word of mouth.

One of the ways they’re able to connect with consumers is through “pop up” shops, essentially traveling ice cream parlors within a store at one of their retail partners’ locations. Think traveling taste-makers meet unexpected taste-buds.

The ice cream maker wanted people to interact with their in-store kiosks - not just sample all the amazing flavors and scurry away. Incorporating a memorable message in neon allowed them to create a live selfie wall, where images could be easily snapped - then posted on peoples Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Why neon worked:

Social media is a huge connector. In this sense, without the neon sign, Super Creamery would have found it hard to share the results of its unique ingredients. The signage element brought together both the fun of eating ice cream with the conversation that’s happening online, for the customer to enjoy. The real time element also meant visitors stayed for longer periods of time and Super Creamery saw their sales increase by thirty-five percent during their typical off season - resulting in a truly sweet sales experience!

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