3 Better-Than-Basic Neon Signs for Bars

Summer is currently in full swing, which makes it a perfect time to go exploring your local bar scene. There are so many awesome neon bar lights in existence to help guide you on your drinking adventures through the scorching-hot streets. Personalized neon bar signs are all the rage, and there's a wide variety of custom-inspired bar signs to sample and endless Instagram pics to take. Whether you decide to head off for a repeat visit to your favorite dive bar or some new speakeasy which just rolled into town, there's virtually no better way to imbibe on some refreshing adult beverages than inside a bar, next to some unforgettable neon signage. An awesome time indeed.

Neon Bar Sign Asian Restaurant

1. Ramen

At a legit ramen bar, neon signs serve as the ultimate backdrop and the noodles are handmade - just like the neon glass itself. An entire culture surrounds this incredible dish, and neon signs help share it's message with the world, one tasty pastel-hued bowl at a time. 

Bad Habits Custom Neon Bar Sign

2. Buzzworthy

Bad habits, here we come! Cue the leather jacket, dark glasses and studded belts: The brick wall featured against this not-so-average white neon sign works on so many levels. You don’t make poor choices, you say? 

Muscle Car Garage Neon Bar Sign

3. Classic

This custom neon bar sign - complete with multi-color fonts, no less - is more than enough for any muscle car act of machismo, fans of racing and midnight PBR runs! We dare you to disagree.

What’s your favorite drinking spot with a neon bar sign? Let us know @MondoNeon!