June 6 Marks Neon Day — Here’s 6 Ways to Celebrate in Style

Copy of neon day (1).png

Like our beloved neon creations that light up your life, neon fanfare is known for perking up an otherwise boring landscape. Besides ordering your own neon sign, you’ll need fab essentials to really crank up the vibe. To celebrate Mondo making June 6 Neon Day, we’ve rounded up our list of cheeky neon essentials. Scroll on for our list of goodies guaranteed to spark neon inspiration.

Neon Womans Shoes.jpg

1. Neon Footwear

If you’re looking for a way to make your outfit stand out from the rest on June 6, slip on some neon pink, pastel and purple sneakers. Certain to take any neutral-colored outfit up a serious notch.

Nintendo Console.jpg

2. Retro Video Games

When it comes to games in the 80s, Nintendo saved the entire industry when it launched the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES brought us such classics as the original Super Mario Bros. to the Legend of Zelda. Forget going outside to play - celebrate Neon Day with some forgotten gems!

Girl with Boom Box.jpg

3. Boombox

June 6 requires cool music, and a boombox is perhaps the most visible form of musical entertainment to ever hit the streets. Bring the bass and communal sounds on Neon Day.


4. VHS

Neon Day is all about having fun, and binge-watching some 80s movies is not just a great idea but will deliver some of the most quotable lines known to man.


5. Polaroid

Neon Day is all about making creative decisions, and there isn’t a better way to share your ideas than with the Polaroid Pic-300, a modern twist on the classic predecessor that instantly prints wallet size photographs. Pay homage to your favorite neon sign with this fun camera.


6. Camaro

The future of transportation is making a return June 6 – and it’s called the Camaro IROC-Z. Hold the mullet jokes because the styling and looks on this car are freaking awesome. We are constantly hearing about self-driving cars lately in the news, but Neon Day deserves big horsepower, big hair and 80s muscle-car-era standards.

What item are you bringing to Neon Day June 6? ‘Gram what’s good and tag us @MondoNeon!