Mondo Neon Rolls Out Search Party to New Yorkers

Search Party: Let The Ultimate Neon Easter Egg Hunt Begin

From the Boogie Down Bronx to the Brooklyn Zoo, the Empire State isn’t wasting any time making a name for itself. For “Search Party” destinations, Mondo Neon is focusing on the city that never sleeps - New York, NY. How can you next-level your neon creation? Get our attention and we’ll capture the moment.

We want to hear about your neon sign - the one you’re constantly Insta-capturing and endlessly inspired by. Maybe it’s you that’s doing something amazing! In the coming months, we’ll be accepting nominations for highlighting where extraordinary neon exists in NYC.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

You must be 21-years of age or older

  • Your neon sign must be appealing enough to garner someones attention

  • You must be primarily based in NYC

PS: You don’t have to be famous (but being on “Search Party” might make you)!

Have someone in mind? Tell us more via the form below!

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