These 3 Customizable Neon Signs are Game-Changers

If you're in the market for something stylish for your apartment, home or business, we've got good news for you: Mondo Neon just launched a “do you” design tool that's all about customization. Our designer-driven approach features a series of quick-to-complete questions all with a made-to-order attitude, including 12 awesome fonts, 2 plastic backing finishes and 12 cool colors to pick from. You dream it, we love to make it! Scroll through to see some of the sleek styles, which start at $550 and take two to three weeks to produce.

We want to hear about your favorite neon sign selections! Click here to take full advantage of our brand-new design tool!

Rainbow Custom Neon Sign

1. Pride

How about adding a little or a lot of color to your design? Take your rainbow from basic to beyond beautiful!

Custom Neon Sign

2. Attitude

Have some fun with your neon sign by adding a personal punch. Can’t you just feel the totally awesome party vibes and moment worthy regrams in this down-to-be-daring photo? 

Pumping Custom Neon Sign

3. Dynamic

The true hallmark of a full-fledged neon fanatic is a fashionable finish on the walls. Give in to your old, worn-out newspaper clippings in conjunction with some superbly sized neon that is bound to start a conversation the second someone walks into the room!

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