One inspiring speaker that just keeps getting better.


In case you need another reason to get excited for neon, we just added another service to our already-epic lineup - speaking! If you have an event coming up and find that creativity and innovation is your best outlet when it comes to entrepreneurship, then you and artistic powerhouse Mondo Neon already have something in common! Establishing himself as the leader in all things neon, Mondo has quickly become a familiar face online - being the first to release an entire podcast series dedicated to neon, publishing countless articles on the topic, and has helped design thousands of the most in-demand sign essentials for neon fans throughout the country.

Your audience will learn:

  • How to avoid creative setbacks and eliminate friction.

  • Why most people stop making progress and stop driving awareness.

  • How to build a neon-like toughness when it comes to building business.

  • The secrets that neon benders use to propel their performance and satisfy the end user.


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