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If you haven’t noticed, there's been a neon resurgence! While you may think of neon signs as a bit of a relic, neon is taking over the world again lately, and we are not one bit upset about it. We see it in storefronts, our fave galleries, eighties-era thrift stores, all the hip pizza shops, and even in homes. Neon is certainly garnering its share of attention. In fact, neon's comeback is a direct byproduct of it's ability to amplify messages of all types, personal and commercial. 

Yep, we’re talking neon awesomeness — the kind that brings to life witty sayings, cute shapes, and all the illuminated goodness in between. No longer reserved for old bars, open signs, and man caves, a unique piece of neon offers up a bold statement that instantly transforms and brightens up any space. 

When it comes to creating neon, choosing Mondo is a no-brainer. We are obsessed with letting you share your epic creations with the world. It’s the perfect way to display your personality while creating some major wow factor.

Get started today. Collaborate on a concept, email us your artwork and rely on Mondo to work our magic!



Our Customer Stories

I love my custom neon sign. It's very beautiful and the quality is very good. Mondo Neon shipped my sign with everything I needed to hang it myself. Wonderful!

- Kelly M.