Custom Neon Sign Prices | | Design

Choose the neon size that works best for you. Our pricing table offers varying degrees of customization so you can get-and-pay for exactly what you need.

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Creating a Recipe for Neon Winning

While it might be tempting to take on everything at once, having a strategic partner will make the whole process of putting neon on your wall easier. We’ll take the extra time to check in at different stages during your neon planning process so you don’t miss special steps in your journey. Yep, let us shave off precious minutes off your neon-making process. The end result? A perfectly crafted custom neon creation.


Every Indoor Neon Sign Includes


✔ Step-by-step instructions so you never miss a beat

✔ Mounting hardware

✔ Electronic transformer with 6 ft. power cord

✔ Recyclable packaging to ensure your neon ingredients stay fresh

✔ Shipping & handling


The Economics of Neon Signs


A: Neon gas, glass tubing, electrodes, transformer, plastic backing, wiring

B: Bending the tubing, attaching electrodes, removing impurities, adding gas, mounting to plastic and wiring

C: Considerations of the diameter of tubing, minimum radius tubing can be bent, and overall length of tubing needed to complete design

D: Focus on layout planning and visual details in order to convey the desired look and message