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Designing a Neon Sign by Mondo Neon

1. Design

Neon signs come in a variety of colors and sizes that suit any interior, making it the perfect medium for light typography. Deep thoughts, favorite Drake lyrics, buzzy quotes — cynical or sincere — you determine the feeling you want to share with your entourage.

Red Neon Sign Installation by Mondo Neon

2. Customize

Go ahead and be daring! Order this head-turning, ready-to-hang neon sign installation. All that’s missing is your guests' faces after you invite them over and they realize you own the most perfect neon light art ever. 

Yellow Neon Sign Arrow by Mondo Neon

3. arrange

No limits. Whether you’re crazy about color or a minimalist maven, Mondo Neon will help you create the ultimate glow to your space while adding a touch of personality.

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Wry, inventive, and fresh, the Mondo Neon Podcast thrillingly charts the history and resurgence of neon signs - and you won’t want to miss a second of it. Perfect for killing time in the car or on the train.

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It’s not new news that we’re attached to our phones — so why not take advantage of all this awesome content! Whether you have five minutes or a full fifteen, these easy reads are perfectly balanced. Besides, readings been proven to stave off dementia and may even help us live longer. Seriously, how could you go wrong here?

The Ultimate Business Guide to Taking on Neon

Alright, y'all. Neon is basically here to stay, and you've got hopes and dreams of making something truly unique for your company. For some of you, planning is not your forté, and the very thought of creating neon for your biz leaves you feeling a bit anxious. But fret not - we’ve designed a guide to help prepare you for success.


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