Key to Making Neon Signs with Nate Sheaffer and the Importance of Family

Nate Sheaffer is a neon artist, glass bender, family man, and super creator to some of the greatest neon in Raleigh, North Carolina. From his early days at Neon Impressions to his current workshop, Glas, an old school boiler room that doubles as a fabrication studio and art gallery (part of Raleigh's Dock 1053 warehouse), Nate reaches back to talk about his personal journey of how he first met John Wilhelm of Paradise Neon. Also on the show, Nate walks listeners through the challenges of starting a neon business, shares his two cents on social media and explains how his career in neon helped him build a strong foundation to go out and build.

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Image credit: Sofia Edelman

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Video credit: BOLDRUSH