Learning Neon, Dedication & Motherhood with Eve Hoyt from Evening Neon

Eve Hoyt knows that making neon is a process. She knows because her journey began in 1989 when she started calling shops searching for someone who would teach her to bend glass. Eventually connecting with neon instructor and mentor, Haley Ryane - Eve soon found herself working in commercial shops. She tells Mondo what she learned about making neon from that time period, the creation of her own neon studio - Evening Neon, and being a mom. Plus, Eve talks about her involvement in She Bends: Women in Neon, a traveling exhibition of women from around the world who bend neon.

Find Eve on Instagram @eveningneon, Facebook, and her website, Evening Neon.

Image credit: Eve Hoyt

Music by M.K. Khan.

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Video credit: MixFlicksFilms