3 Celebrities Who've Saved Neon Signs

There's no shortage of celebrities buying into neon these days, thanks to Instagram and trending decor-inspo found on the web. While some have fashionable homes or rock-star status, they all strive to make a bold statement to the public that only neon can carry out. Scroll down to see three well-known celebrities who've saved neon signs.

Image Credit:  COD Newsroom

Image Credit: COD Newsroom

1. Elton John

We all know that Elton John can lead a band, and even though he sometimes sports flashy jackets while onstage, you can attest that he’s also the strongest when it comes to adding some neon to the home. In fact his new neon sign is all about his “I know” belief that he can get exactly where he wants his music to go. Think pop power for the neon set.

Image Credit: Rory

Image Credit: Rory

2. Nicki Minaj

This Trinidadian-born rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and model brings art to the masses through her songs and unique neon apparel. Minaj has been known to purchase neon signs and has endorsed a number of creations during her career.

Image Credit:  Jason Persse

Image Credit: Jason Persse

3. Kanye West

Take your neon enthusiasm up a notch with the new Glow-in-the-Dark Yeezys. Although not an actual sign, these eye-catching neon green hue shoes are endorsed by the artist and contrasted by a mesh stripe. Expected to drop on May 25th at select Adidas retailers nationwide, the Boost 350 V2 features a translucent sidewall - which also lights up in the dark. Now you can display your appreciation for this groundbreaking artist in a very stylish way with these beautiful neon infused sneaks.

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