3 Creative Fonts to Use for Your Neon Sign

From your favorite movie quote to inside jokes and swoon-worthy wedding centerpieces, your neon sign should deliver a cohesive message while also showcasing your fabulous personality at the same time. Of course, the actual design you choose plays a major role in the overall impact, along with the font, which can easily capture your style and enhance the appearance of the entire neon sign. Whether you go playful or romantic, the fonts below offer 3 inspiring ideas guaranteed to spark your creative shine!


1. Avery

Simple yet classy, Avery is an extremely versatile font choice for everything from summer nuptials to fancy fall affairs and more.


2. Eternal

Featuring strong lines and a curvaceous look, our Eternal font is a fashionable choice for anyone looking to create something refreshingly bold yet traditional.

we have got a good thing.jpg

3. Logic

Designing your dream neon doesn’t have to be daunting. Bring a dreamy look to your sign with Logic. We especially love the timeless elegance and classic charm of this font, especially when it’s paired with any sort of floral backdrop or marvelous table setting.

Which font would you pick for your next custom neon sign? Do you have another favorite that’s not on the list? Share your comments with us on Instagram using #favefont and tag us @MondoNeon!