3 Reasons Why a Neon Sign Is the It Light For Your Business

Neon signs don't always get as much love as a cheaper l.e.d. substitute, but the truth is that an artfully-authentic neon light can pull together an entire entryway. While some neon sign options can run on the pricier side, often putting them into the “investment” category, they also figure prominently in the most coveted decor shots found online. Neon signs add immense luxe-factor and can easily be amped up to suit any vibe.

But if we were to put our money where our mouth is and recommend one over the other to go all-in with, hands down - it would have to be the real thing. There is just something about glass-infused lighting that exudes confidence and creativity. So what better way to decorate your one-of-a-kind business? Each and every neon sign Mondo Neon makes is the sheer definition of a handmade work of art. Plus, when your patrons see the glow, they’ll know exactly if it's the real deal or not. While lower priced materials exist elsewhere online, there's no faking neon's next level pizazz!

Live Colorful Pink Custom Neon Sign

1. Size Matters

This is the wall you’ve been waiting to style, the one that you’ll use for the bold but so-memorable slogan you've been dreaming about for days. So cool, so unique, and totally eye-catching!

Neon Bar Sign Red

2. Functional & Fun

Whether drinking happens to be your business of choice or you just love live music, this neon sign is sure to be an instant reminder to visitors that everything fun does and will happen here!

Taste America Custom Neon Sign

3. Lucky Charms 

If you’re going to establish a deli that serves up Americas favorite junk food obsessions, then ordering up an appealing neon sign is mandatory so's everyone knows it's a treat yo’ self kinda day! And the best part: it's deliciously chic.

Will you be needing a neon sign to turn up the attention? Click here to share your idea with us using our do-it-yourself design tool.