3 Ways To Create Neon Like Gary Vaynerchuk

At Mondo Neon, we strive to inspire creativity and encourage individuals to pursue their neon ambitions, because you CAN do anything you set your mind to! It’s hard to find a better example of someone who routinely engages with their audience as much as social media pioneer, Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee (@garyvee). Gary's thoughtful approach to creating quality content across multiple social media platforms and podcast allows for him to deliver a unique voice, one of the most important elements in the Gary Vee philosophy. Mondo Neon hopes to empower the next generation of neon sign makers and dreamers who might be in the midst of trying to create their own sign with these 3 powerful tips from the business wizard himself.

Guy In Front of Pink and Purple Neon Sign with Hat

1. Documenting Vs Creating

Focus on the journey and you will consistently come out ahead when creating. People love seeing a neon sign which gives a behind-the-scenes view of whats going on in your world. And when you hang the sign, show a video of a recording how it went down. Show a video of a room full of people reacting to your neon sign. Post a video of you on Instagram with the sign hanging above your bed while your significant other talks about what your both going to be doing for the weekend. It doesn't have to be glamorous - just go document.

Instagram and Facebook Neon Sign.jpg

2. Collaborate

Gary Vaynerchuk has always held collaboration in high regard, thanks to its ability to market any sort of offering and - more importantly - to be able to provide someone else value. His partnership with KSWISS has birthed three signature sneakers, all designed to inspire the next generation of hustlers and entrepreneurs. Brands are always looking to team up for their product launches and one-of-a-kind announcements, proving neon's versatility when it comes to thinking outside the box.

better idea.jpg

3. Be Authentic

Back when he ran his fathers wine business, Gary would produce daily content on YouTube and speak his own truths about the popular drink. Being honest with your message means you'll be consistent with your audience and avoid any sort of disconnect. Proactively take the time to better understand your personality type, interests, and weaknesses so you can optimize success for any neon sign you choose to make.

Were you inspired by Gary Vee? We’d love to hear what lessons you still use today! Share with us on Instagram using @MondoNeon!