5 of the Best ’80s Style Trends for Neon Sign Inspo

Eighties-era neon signs are making a comeback and everything that was remotely considered cool in the '80s was even more tubular because you could see it from a million miles away. Slogan t-shirts, slip-dresses, jean jackets, and View-Masters — it's all here! Scroll through to see some of our favorite bright, flashy and overtly tight outfits the '80s had to offer.

Woman '80s Dress with Custom Neon Signs

1. Cocktail Dress

What would an '80s party be without sparkles and sequins? This utterly glammed-up dress is both eye-catching and strikingly chic.  

'80s Members Only Jacket with Neon Light

2. Members Only Jacket

Anyone who owned one of these coveted Members Only jackets earned some serious cred back in the day. A staple of early ‘80s fashion, the ubiquitous jacket was available in a dazzling array of color choices. Push up the sleeves just below the elbow and embrace your awesomeness to the world!

'80s BMX Bike

3. BMX Bikes

BMX bikes in the '80s featured dynamic designs and flashy neon color schemes. Plus, they made you look totally awesome thanks to their mag wheels and radical geometry. Pegged jeans not included.

'80s Fashion in Arcade with Neon Lights

4. Aerobic Wear

Aerobics was all the rage during the '80s. Legwarmers, headbands, and leotards were the ideal garments of choice for when working out. Matching the decade’s infatuation for loud neon colors, these athletic shorts feature a stylish design that literally kept dudes staring ever since they arrived on the scene.

Woman with '80s View-Master

5. Slogan T-Shirts

In the '80s, graphic tee's provided comfort and convenience. A fashion staple by today's standards, slogan t-shirts deliver the perfect amount of flair and fun.

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