Neon Open Sign: The Best Way to Catapult Your Business

Love the thought of using neon to find more customers? We do too! So it naturally follows that you should put thought and attention into building a neon open sign that makes passersby feel instantaneously interested in your product or service. Even more, neon open signs are a powerful business tool for newly established outposts, helping to attract attention and connecting owners with people needed to grow their company. If you're looking for a truly standout fixture to bring life (and light!) to a new locale, you can't do any better than a custom neon open sign.

Open 24 Hours Neon Sign.jpg

1. Brand Promise

Neon open signs have been a major success story in the business world. And this design really speaks for itself. From the classic square-style to the promise of never shutting off, the total number of people who will see this neon open sign are endless. It’s truly all about the numbers!

Blue and Purple Neon Sign.jpg

2. Competition

Does your business tell a story? Create great designs with copy. A good layout can make your neon open sign more compelling and actionable. If your objective is to drive traffic to your business, use every inch of space available to hint that there’s more to see on the inside than the outside. A strong design will encourage people to take the next step.

Woman With Neon Open Sign.jpg

3. Eye-catching

Neon sign lifestyle images are often more effective and attention-grabbing than your typical product shots. Using social media to post and pin your high-quality images of your open neon sign will allow you to appear in relevant searches, helping you earn more eyeballs than ever before!

Are you considering a neon open sign for your business? Click here to take full advantage of our brand-new design tool!