3 Small Spaces with Neon Signs You’ll Want to Hang Out In

We all like to think bigger is mostly better, but small spaces are teeny, tiny and can be extra fab with the right neon lighting. Just because you’ve selected location over square footage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice an ounce of style. While some spaces may pose a challenge, they also offer unique opportunities to take fun risks. Just take a look at these 3 small spaces that prove just how stylish and creative small can be when accompanied by the right neon sign.

Today Was a Good Day Custom Neon Sign

1. Colorful Organization

Embrace your inner you-niqueness by building up a bar wall filled with a few well-placed shelving items and a glassware collage. Obviously, stay away from anything that resembles too much clutter. The rest of the wall should be fairly neutral but just busy enough to be fun and interesting to make your neon sign go pop.

Neon Bar Sign

2. Bright and Bold

Plenty of colorful highlights make this room feel much bigger than it really is, while the coveted accent pieces in the middle make for a creative opportunity to add more character to the space. Anything ceiling height, such as this bright neon sign, can help draw the eyes up further and establish the illusion of extra height with a bit of added charm from the purple and orange neon sign centered about the club. 

Coffee Shop Custom Neon Sign

3. Minimize and Maximize

Figure out what pieces of decor you can’t have without, such as this beautiful Joe's neon sign, and stick to being minimalist with your color choices. This area offers a all sorts of coffee accessories which seamlessly blend together to create something that’s both thoughtful and playful at the same time.

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