3 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your Own Neon Sign

There are more than a few essentials to crafting the ideal indoor neon sign. Whether you want to upgrade your living room or you’re trying to work within a small space, there’s an idea here to fit your home and your budget. Here are 3 simple tips for creating the best darn neon sign that ever lived. 

Liquor Custom Pink Neon Sign

1. Surface

We’ll kick things off with a super biased pick: brick. This classic backdrop really adds a nice punch to the space. And all you need is some paint and a bit of patience to make a swoonworthy look for the ages.

Neon Sign Coffee Shop

2. Space

Figuring out how to make space for both your indoor neon sign and whomever occupies that particular area can be a challenge, especially in a small environment. Take for example this small coffee shop. The customers get the advantage point and can easily see outside the windows, while all the neon parts live safely out of reach above.

Pink Lane Coffee Purple Neon Sign

3. Pattern

Bold decorating choices like neon lights are right up our alley, so beautifully patterned interiors are, of course - no exception. Whether you playfully mix yours up or stick with one specific favorite, patterns can tie lose colors together.

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