3 Ways a Neon Sign Can Help Celebrate Your Relationship

Being in a relationship with someone is a special time in ones life, but finding the perfect gift for your sig-O or married BFF is no easy feat.

However, every relationship is full of unforgettable honeymoon-type memories, providing perfect inspiration for a commemorative neon sign to help relive any relationship milestone. After all, it can take hours to shop for something that stands out from the rest of whats online nowadays.

Combine both your creative energies or single-handedly surprise your partner in a personal act of gift-giving passion. Coming up with a feel good solution can sound like a lot of pressure, which is why we’ve compiled 3 expert tips to help you embark on creating the ultimate neon sign to look back on for years to come!

It's Always Been Custom Neon Sign

1. Reminder

Know thy partner, right? Break out your best gentle reminder of why you all got together in the first place. With a heartfelt, simple theme in mind - a lovely font is the way to go.

Neon Sign Heart Pink

2. Heart-Shaped

This playful single neon heart sign is big on style. We dare your partner not to smile every time they look at it. 

Custom Neon Sign Love

3. Unforgettable

By definition, a relationship bestie is there for you unconditionally, and Mondo wants to be sure that you’re spreading that message by giving meaningful praise to what comes natural. We obviously don’t recommend saying this unless you really mean it, but abandon judgement and affirm your faith by taking this opportunity to share that gratitude with the ones you know and love. 

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